Protein Popcorn - 10 Pak

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Our Karmelkorn Protein Popcorn contains 11 grams of protein per bag.  Protein Popcorn tastes just as good as the regular Karmelkorn Popcorn flavors you love!  If you are looking for a healthier snack you have to try our Protein Popcorn.  It is made with 100% heart healthy corn oil and real protein powder! 

Cookies 'N Cream           (11.4 G of protein per bag, ZERO G of sugar)
Banana Cream Pie           (11.4 G of protein per bag, ZERO G of sugar)
Strawberry Shortcake   (11.4 G of protein per bag, ZERO G of sugar) 
Order in quantities of 10.  Mix and match your flavors.  Protein Popcorn comes in the same 6x8 inch bags as our Small Sampler Pak.